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In light of the current Covid – 19 pandemic, coupled with a recent statement from the Chancery Office of the Diocese of Trenton, when you experience the loss of a loved one, please contact the Parish Office. A funeral Mass in Church is now permitted with precautions. All of the priests of the parish are more than willing to take care of your needs and assist you  with the proper Catholic burial rites. We will also properly record the death in our registers.  Recently some of the funeral homes have been using ministers of other faiths for our Catholic faithful burials which seems to be taking advantage of the family in their time of greatest need. Your parish priest will take care of you.  When in doubt please call us. 

Dear Family Members:

The death of a loved one is a time of great sadness and personal grief. As you make all the preparations for the funeral, we at Our Lady of Good Counsel are here to help and assist you in planning the Mass of Christian Burial. On this website there are suggested hymns and readings for the Mass, which will assist you in making your choices. Our Consolation Ministry representative, Mary Szmutko will contact you to meet with you, to assist and finalize the funeral liturgy.

Please be assured of our support and prayers for you as well as your loved one.

Consolation Ministry


We ask that you contact a Funeral Director before contacting the parish to schedule a funeral. After meeting with the funeral director, the funeral director’s staff will contact Our Lady of Good Counsel to schedule the day and time of the funeral. Once the parish is notified of your family member’s passing, you will receive a call from the Consolation Ministry in order to schedule a convenient time for you to come to the parish to plan the Funeral Liturgy and choose the hymns and readings for this occasion. See the links at the bottom, to assist you in the planning prior to meeting with a parish representative. This will give you more time to reflect on the readings and/or hymns in a timely fashion. Please know that you do not need to complete this before meeting with someone from the parish. This is for your convenience. A representative from the parish will assist you in working through the “Funeral Check List,” and in selecting appropriate hymns and readings.

The Funeral Rite Usually Includes:

  • A Vigil Service (Wake) celebrated in the funeral home or the church. This is a time to gather with family and friends to console us in our grief, give us strength to support one another, and remember the life of the deceased. Therefore, eulogies are encouraged at this time.
  • A Mass of Christian Burial (Funeral Liturgy) is celebrated in the Church. As Catholic Christians, we believe that death is not the end of life. It is therefore appropriate that there be a structured observance (Funeral Rite) for this important event to mark our passing. The funeral liturgy is the central liturgical celebration of the Christian community for the deceased. At the time of death, the Church gathers with the family and friends of the deceased to give thanks to God for Christ’s victory over death, and to commend the deceased to God’s eternal mercy and love.
  • A Rite of Committal (Burial or Interment). This marks the conclusion of the funeral rite. It is normally celebrated at the place of committal, that is, beside the open grave or place of interment. In committing the deceased to their resting place, we express hope that, with all those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith, the deceased awaits the glory of the resurrection.​

While remembrances are suggested at the wake, they may take place as the funeral Mass begins. It is important that the remembrance be brief (three minutes) and focus on the life and faith of the deceased.

Although ordinarily the body is present for a Christian funeral, it is permissible to celebrate the funeral liturgy in the presence of the ashes of the deceased. Placed in a worthy container, the ashes should be reverently buried or entombed within six months after the funeral. Cremated remains should never be scattered or kept in a private residence.

Funeral Offerings
There is a suggested donation of $250 to the Church, a fee of $100 for the organist/cantor and $100 if using the Church for viewing –payment is made by the Funeral Home to the Church and the organist.  In case of a cemetery service only or a service at the funeral home, we suggest a donation of $150 be made directly to the priest or deacon leading the service.

How can I have Masses said for friends, family or deceased loved ones?
To request a Mass for deceased friends, family or loved ones, call the Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Office at 609-882-3277. Masses are $10 and can usually be scheduled to the requested date.

Funeral Music

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Entrance/Gathering Song (Suggested Music)

Be Not Afraid
Here I Am Lord
On Eagles’ Wings



You Are Mine


Responsorial Psalm

23: Shepherd Me, O God
23: My Shepherd is the Lord
27: The Lord is My Light
91: Be With Me Lord
103: Loving and Forgiving


Offertory/Presentation of the Gifts

Come To Me
We Remember
We Will Rise Again
You Are Near

Communion Song

Cardinal: Divorced, remarried Catholics need support for ...

Amazing Grace
Christ Be Our Light
Eye Has Not Seen
I Am The Bread Of Life
Like A Shepherd
The Supper of the Lord
Taste and See
We Remember

Recessional/Sending Forth

(Note: that many of the Gathering and Presentation songs will also work for Recessional)

Amazing Grace
Be Not Afraid
Here I Am Lord
How Great Thou Art
On Eagles’ Wings
You Are Mine

If you would like to include a Catholic Hymn that is not listed above we will check with our Organist to see if it is in her Repertoire. Speak with Mary Szmutko our Consolation Ministry Coordinator at your Liturgy Planning meeting to discuss this.


     There is an Old Testament and a New Testament reading. Normally, the priest will choose the gospel, unless you have a recommendation. Give some thought to one or two people who will proclaim the Old and New Testament readings. The priest will read the gospel.



Catholic Mass - 11/18/12 - 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time ...

Cross: A cross or crucifix may be placed atop the casket or near the cremains during the funeral Mass.

This reminds us of the primary Christian symbol with which we were signed at baptism and by which

Christ redeemed the world and won victory over sin and death.


Incense: Incense serves a twofold purpose in the funeral rites.

It is used as a symbol of our respect for the deceased’s body,

which became a temple of the Holy Spirit in baptism.

And it also represents the prayers of the assembly on their behalf,

rising to God’s throne.



Easter candle: The Easter, or paschal, candle reminds Christians of Christ’s presence among us.

Blessed each year at the Easter Vigil, the presence of the candle at the funeral also reminds the assembly of that night when, in hope, the Church anticipates Christ’s resurrection.

Holy water: A reminder of the deceased’s membership in the Body of Christ through baptism.

Holy water is used to welcome the body or cremains into the church and at the time of the final commendation.

Flowers: Flowers may be used.

Check with the Consolation Ministry before making arrangements.